Cookies Policies

Cookies are small text fragments that the Company sends from its website to the client's browser. They are having a storage in a client web browser. These cookies allow the Company or a third party to recognize you by a unique identification number, making visiting a website more convenient. Cookies can be permanent and session cookies. When customers use the company's website, several cookies can be placed in their browser, which is used for such purposes:

To enable some features of the site
To provide analytics
For the preservation of customer preferences
To ensure the delivery of promotional materials, including remarketing


Three types of cookies depending upon the performance of actions.


To authenticate users and prevent fraudulent activities with accounts.


They provide navigation through the web resource, use of its functions, access to registered and protected areas.


Files that collect information about how you have been using the site; this information can generally reduce the load on the company's internal infrastructure. Such files allow you to track the totality of using the Company's web resources and experiments with its new functions. The information collected by this cookie allows us to improve the service.

Functional cookies help to memorize the principle of logging in, even if you are editing data. Such cookies adapt the web resource, thus providing enhanced functionality for the client.

Third-party partners can use cookies to deliver advertisements that would interest the client. They track the activity of client’s equipment on other sites or services. The information gathered in this way can be provided to advertisers and advertising networks for delivering advertising and evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Session cookies will be stored on the user's computer until the page view of the company's website is completed. Persistent cookies are stored on a computer or mobile device until they are deleted or expired.

In addition to our cookies, our company can also host third-party partner files to post statistics on-site visits, advertise on and through the resource, etc.

If the client deletes the cookies, in some cases, he will not be able to use some functions of the official site, personal account or trading platform, and some pages may not be displayed correctly.