Risk Disclaimer

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that’s changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”

Investing and doing business is always risky. However, trading in forex, binaries, CFDs, and cryptos is like walking on a path full of thorns with barefoot. Your slightest mistake can result in a severe loss. Our company feels it important to aware of you for every type of risk you may face and their solutions as well. “The company will not be responsible for any kind of loss by your side in trading. We do not allow you to share your account privacy with anyone. Don’t hand over your money to any employee of the company by hand without any evidence. The company is not responsible for any loss related to your poor network connectivity. On the other hand, we will also compensate you in case of a fault by the company”


CFDs are complex instruments. Even after high-quality researches and analysis, you are unable to save yourself from a loss. Your money is always at a risk. Sometimes you and your manager had worked hard on your trades but the scenario turns suddenly different, in such a company is not responsible for your loss. You should prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for loss.


If you are trading a financial market and any broker assures you the profit, he is a scam. Don’t ruin your savings. Binvestic again reminds you that this market is not a green garden. You can lose many as a result of your greed. We don’t guarantee you any kind of specific amount of profit or any kind of profit.


Take these precautions to save yourself.


Binvestic suggests you initiate with a low amount which you can afford or bear in case of a loss. A new trader should always practice on a demo account and then invest a little amount to test his skill. Don’t use all of your savings by the so-called promises of quacks or even professional brokers. Use only a little amount to test the capability of your selected firm.


With the help of high leverages, you may be able to start trade or buy a lot of your choice. But as a new trader, you may fail to achieve your target. You will lose all your money in return for leverage. But if you are a professional trader, and you are capable to recover or face the loss then you can avail it.


A shocking but true revelation that only a few percentages of traders can leave a milestone in Forex Trading. A trader cannot get rich overnight by trading. You may sometimes fail, sometimes earn huge profit, and sometimes you may face a severe loss. In all these cases, you need to be patient to get success. Don’t lose hope, don’t execute trades in a hurry, and never trust any kind of rumors.


Don’t share your details like a password. We suggest you keep your account details private. The company will not be responsible for such non-serious behavior and its consequences.