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Can i get demo account free of cost?

Yes demo account its totally free, all you need to do is register your account with us and click to open a demo account, you here good to go with a 10,000$ demo account.

How to trade binary options?

To trade binary options, you only need to fund your account and log into the platform. By default, you will see binary options trading.
To start trading, choose HIGH or LOW options based on your expectations.

What are the conditions for bonus?

you will get the bonus according to your account types, once the bonus is credited into your account, all you need to do is to complete the investment 10 times.
This bonus is not tradeable, you will not be able to trade on bonus. you can only earn this bonus.
If you deposit 1000$ you will get 50% bonus which is 500$.
To earn the bonus you have to complete the 1500*10= 15,000$ trades

Payouts for assets?

You can find payouts for various trading assets on the trading platform, on the right-hand side.
For example, you will see: EURUSD - 90%. This means that if you open a deal with an investment of $ 100, if you win, you will receive a payment of $ 190: a return of investment of $ 100 and a profit of $ 90.